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Alexander Churanov alexanderchuranov at
Thu Mar 12 08:18:00 PDT 2009

2009/3/12 Andriy Gapon <avg at>:
> on 12/03/2009 03:26 Alexander Churanov said the following:
>> The issue is devel/boost and devel/boost138 will not coexist. Is it OK
>> in your opinion?
> I am not sure why... It is trivial to make different (non-default) boost
> versions to install their headers and libraries into different directories.
> Are there any other problems?

My concern on co-existance of devel/boost and devel/boost138 is how to
make build systems of other applications search in 1.38-specific
directory for headers before /usr/local/inclde. Is it easy for any
arbitrary application with any arbitrary build system?

I consider this port (devel/boost138) a temporary solution. Others:

(a) Having only one most recent version in devel/boost
(b) Having many versions without the default one.
(c) Having many versions with default devel/boost referring to some
particular version.

Here (b) and (c) do not install unversioned header files under

Currently all activity that I know is about the first (a) option. And
all efforts are to fix port that depend on boost to let them use 1.38.
For example, I've just started examining print/lyx and print/lyx15.

> Maybe some "too smart for their own good" configure scripts that would
> pick up incorrect (mismatching) directories while searching for boost?

Yes, however, I haven't tried this yet.

Alexander Churanov

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