Port lang/g95 out of date

M. L. Dodson mldodson at comcast.net
Wed Mar 11 07:03:29 PDT 2009

Peter Jeremy wrote:
> Hi,
> I have run into some issues with lang/g95 and, following discussion
> with Andy Vaught, have realised that the FreeBSD port is somewhat out
> of date.  A newer version is available at
> http://ftp.g95.org/v0.91/g95_source.tgz
> Do you have any plans to update the port?

I no longer use G95, having gone over to gfortran for my needs since
it became able to compile the software I use.  If you want to take it
over, please feel free.  Otherwise, I will update the port some time
in the next few weeks, then ask I be taken off as maintainer when I
send in the new port.

The problem with G95 is, as has been pointed out on the list, the
rather old version of gcc used as the basis.  There are good reasons
to go with later versions of gcc for general use, and G95 then
requires (yet another) version of gcc be installed.  I have spoken
about this a couple of years ago with Andy Vaught, but he seemed to
not have plans at that time to bring that aspect up to date.

Bud Dodson

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