portmanager modifying bsd.port.mk

RW rwmaillists at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 9 07:38:11 PDT 2009

I think this was probably intended for the list rather than me:

On Mar 8, 4:04 pm, RW <rwmailli... at googlemail.com> wrote:
> On Sun, 08 Mar 2009 14:40:08 -0400
> Chuck Robey <chu... at telenix.org> wrote:  
> > Here's the portmanager listing, maybe someone here can tell me
> > what's causing portmanager to want to patch my bsd.port.mk, and why
> > the patchfile should be so far off, and what might be the CORRECT
> > way to fix this.  Oh, BTW, I run current, and keep myself that way
> > via cvsup..  
> IIRC the patch was made so that when portmanager built a port, the
> makefile would call back into  portmanager to let it modify the
> dependencies. Portmanager had a major rewrite just before the
>  original author had a row with some FreeBSD people and abandoned the
> project. AFAIK the feature wasn't yet used, so it doesn't matter if
> the patch doesn't apply since it's a null operation.

I'm the original author of portmanager,  haven't done anything bsd
related in a few years so memory is a bit vague.
I think the patch was to correct a sorting problem with dependencies
in freebsd make. I filed a pr against make
and was assured there was no way it would ever approved so that patch
is a work around.  If it is failing, isn't really
 a big surprise, means something has changed in make finally.  Best
solution I guess is to determine if make
was fixed somewhere along the line, maybey look up the pr i filed
agains make? if its fixed now, then remove the patch,
if not, then someone who understands scripts needs to recut the
patch.   I drive a semi for a living now and seriously
doubt I'll ever take up programming again for lack of time, so very
sorry I'm not able to provide more help with this problem.

Mike Shultz

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