Looking for a distfile mirror

Tobias Rehbein tobias.rehbein at web.de
Sat Mar 7 07:24:39 PST 2009

Hi all.

I'm maintainer of the audio/ogg2mp3 port. This port isn't supported upstream anymore,
but I'm trying to keep it in a usable state.

Since a few weeks the MASTERSITE of the port disappeared. I contacted the author
of ogg2mp3 to see if he'll provide an alternative mirror but got no answer.

So, if anybody has 14K webspace free to mirror the distfile of audio/ogg2mp3
let me know.

Thanks in advance

Tobias Rehbein

PGP key:         4F2AE314
    server:      keys.gnupg.net
    fingerprint: ECDA F300 1B6E 9B87 8524  8663 E8B6 3138 4F2A E314
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