PDFlib package

Stephen Montgomery-Smith stephen at math.missouri.edu
Thu Mar 5 11:27:10 PST 2009

Brian Miller wrote:
>    I am pretty new to FreeBSD and just got into this = pkg idea.  Is
>    there an official way to request certain items become a package?  I
>    have a dependency of the PDFlib-7.0.x package and = cannot find it.  I
>    was able to compile and install it, but now I can't = hand over my
>    build instructions to the guy who will be responsible for maintaining
>    = the system.  If I am in the wrong area, just let me know.  Thanks    in advance.

The instructions you need to give him are simply
cd /usr/ports/print/pdflib && make install clean

But if you want to hand him a package, do instead
cd /usr/ports/print/pdflib && make package clean
and in the directory /usr/ports/print/pdflib will be a package 

(I wasn't quite sure what you were asking, and no-one else seemed to 
have replied.  I hope this helps.)

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