SDL / Pulseaudio

Marcus von Appen mva at
Tue Mar 3 15:24:36 PST 2009

On, Tue Mar 03, 2009, Andre Heider wrote:

> Hi list,
> devel/sdl12 doesn't pick up pulseaudio, no matter if I select it in
> "make config" or not. I didn't find the time to dig further, but I
> noticed 2 bits:
> - the dependency to isn't set in the Makefile

I missed that one, sorry. It will be fixed soon.

> - if I run ./configure without args, it correctly finds the lib and
> compiles the SDL audio driver for it
> Is this a known issue or am I missing some other port?

For some weird reason the --enable-pulseaudio switch will disable
PulseAudio support in 1.2.13. That'll be fixed as well.

Thanks for noticing and notifying :-).

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