Configuring 'RUN_DEPENDS'

Jerry gesbbb at
Tue Mar 3 04:29:49 PST 2009

A port I am creating has a RUN_DEPENDS of either 'curl' or 'wget'. I
have tried several times to write some sort of test in the make file to
determine if one or the other were installed, and if neither then to
install 'curl'. I suppose I could create an OPTIONS to install one or
the other; however, I have not gotten that to work correctly either.

I looked at Postfix's Makefile, and got a few ideas from it; however,
not enough to get what I want to work.

The port will also require Clamav, either the standard port or the
devel one. Therefore I have two run dependencies to adjust. Use the one
available or install one if neither is all ready installed.

I tried Googling and the Porters Handbook, but I cannot find what I am
looking for. Is it possible? I assume it must be. A regular 'if' or
'case' statement I would normally use does not work in a make file.

gesbbb at

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