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Paul Schmehl pschmehl_lists at
Mon Mar 2 17:01:10 PST 2009

--On Monday, March 02, 2009 16:36:38 -0600 "David E. Thiel" <lx at> 
> While I'm in favor of removing useless ports, there are several projects
> which are simply "done", and lack of development doesn't mean they're
> obsolete or useless.

I completely agree.  So long as a port is being used and people find it useful, 
I think it would be a mistake to remove those ports.  In fact I suspect it 
wouldn't be long before someone was submitting a PR to reinstate the port. 
Perfect example is converters/unix2dos, last updated in 2003 and 
converters/mpack, last updated in 2006.

I still use both, and I would be irritated if they were removed from ports.

A lack of development activity != a lack of usefulness

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