Installing 'config' file with port

Jerry gesbbb at
Mon Mar 2 06:02:35 PST 2009

I know that is is probably obviously; however, I still can not get it
to work. This is the first time I have tried to do this, so bear with

I am creating a port that will install a 'config' file in the
"/usr/local/etc" directory. Reading through the 'Porters Handbook", I
cam across this example.

    @if [ ! -f ${PREFIX}/etc/orbit.conf ]; then \
        ${CP} -p ${PREFIX}/etc/orbit.conf.sample ${PREFIX}/etc/orbit.conf ; \

First, when I write the 'config' file, do I place it under the ports
'files' directory and give it a ".in".

Second, what do I have to do to get the file installed in the config

The program does not come with a config file by default. If that should
change, how would I go about using it instead of the one I created?

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