Call for potential ports maintainers

Lars Engels lars.engels at
Fri Feb 27 03:03:26 PST 2009

Quoting Lars Engels <lme at>:

> Quoting Thomas Abthorpe <tabthorpe at>:
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>> This topic came up in IRC, and I was encouraged to go out, and find some new
>> maintainers.
>> At any given time, approximately 20 - 25% of all ports are unmaintained. Not
>> all unmaintained ports need updating, but some do. That is where you folks
>> come in.
> To find out which of your installed ports are unmaintained, I hacked
> together a little script. Just run it and it will show all currently
> unmaintained ports that you have installed.

The list ate the attachment, so here it is:

Lars Engels
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