security/f-prot no longer receives signature updates

Benjamin Lutz mail at
Tue Feb 24 04:05:28 PST 2009


I just noticed that F-Prot 4.6.8 is no longer supported by the manufacturer, 
so signature updates no longer work. The last valid signatures are dated 
2008-10-20, now the update site only responds with:

  Support for this version of F-PROT has been discontinued. Please upgrade
  to use F-PROT version 6. More information: or
  support at

Because of this, please update the port to F-Prot 6 or delete it; a virus 
scanner with outdated signatures is more dangerous than no virus scanner at 

Presumably the same applies to security/f-protd, so I've cc'd its 
maintainer. Also, amavisd-new references f-prot in its configuration, so 
this ought to be updated as well.


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