FYI: x11/nvidia-driver no longer nvidia provided Xorg libraries

Garrett Cooper yanefbsd at
Sun Feb 22 05:31:55 PST 2009

Hi Chris, porters, and x11,
    This is a note that our version of x11/nvidia-driver available in
ports no longer loads with the current provided plist due to ABI
incompatibility between the nvidia provided Xorg X11 libraries and the
vanilla libraries. Not using the nvidia provided libraries loads up
X11 at least; however, trying to use the vanilla X11 libraries with my
system also causes issues after 10~30 minutes of use with my 8800GTS
and dual-head / Xinerama enabled. Something's livelocking the kernel
somewhere, so even if I do CTRL-ALT-Backspace, and provide further
input my console doesn't respond, and I'm forced to warm boot my
    Thus I've reverted to the nv / nouveau drivers for the time being.

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