Remove /lang/drscheme?

Andrew Reilly areilly at
Sun Feb 22 04:32:02 PST 2009

On Sat, Feb 21, 2009 at 11:06:36PM +0100, Philipp Ost wrote:
> /lang/drscheme is a port of the DrScheme development environment 
> included with PLT Scheme. This port installs a rather old version and is 
> unmaintained.
> The project page given in the pkg-descr (<>) points to 
> <>...
> /lang/plt-scheme on the other hand is maintained and installs the 
> current version of the PLT Scheme language.
> Given the above, I don't think it is necessary to keep /lang/drscheme 
> around. Removing it would decrease the list of umaintained ports by one ;-)

I'm OK with that.  The reason that I didn't suggest it straight
away is that the PLT-scheme language took on a few fairly
radical changes when they bumped the version from 3xy to 4.x.y,
to that code that worked with the earlier version would not
necessarily work with the latter.  People using the old drscheme
port might have wanted to keep using it.  I think that enough
time has probably passed, now, that anyone who cared has already
made the switch and changed what they needed to change, so the
old one could go away now.

Just my few cents (blame the fluctuating AUS$ for imprecision...).



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