Problem with .so numbering on FreeBSD in contrast to Linux

Thomas Schmitt scdbackup at
Fri Feb 20 23:07:50 PST 2009


Sam Lawrance wrote:

That description is similar to what i experience
on my Linux system but not to what i see on the
FreeBSD server where i do my tests:
 FreeBSD 6.3-RELEASE-p5 (KEVEREST-6.3) #0: Thu Oct  9 13:54:44 ART 2008
There is only one number after .so whereas
policies-shlib.html talks of major.minor.

So obviously my ./libtool resp. the programs used
inside do not follow this convention.
(autotools is not my personal choice. It was
 already in use when i became upstream of libburn.
 Its main advantage is its social standing in
 the community of distro packagers.)

Jeremy Messenger wrote:

That's hard to read but seems to be exactly about
my problem. 
I'll explore that. "" is mentioned.
Maybe i can do a private hack in my copy of it.
This code snippet looks promising:
          case $version_type in
            current=`expr $number_major + $number_minor`

Is "ltverhack" a piece of software ?
(Can i have a look at it somewhere ?)

> <mezz7> Why do libtool have to be weird? 600 - 600..
> couldn't it be simple to just 0? :-)

It is confusing that the libtool documentation
talks about a .so numbering scheme which would
allow to demand a upper and lower limits for LT_AGE
at link time.
Neither Linux nor FreeBSD seem to implement that
scheme. It would be very convenient though.

All in all, as upstream, i would love to trash .so
in total. With my apps i take care to provide
statically linked versions as alternative to the
.so cripples.
But, sigh, the world wants DLLs.

Many thanks for your help.

Have a nice day :)


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