FreeBSD Port: gnome2-lite-2.24.3

Steve Schmidt sdshschmidt at
Tue Feb 17 07:47:02 PST 2009


I'm attempting a fresh install of
I'm encountering a rash of security issues.

By fresh install, I am using FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE  with
successfully installed.

I am basically following the instructions on
# pkg_delete -rf pkg-config\*
# cd /usr/ports/x11/gnome2
# make clean
# make install clean

- but instead of port gnome2 and gnome2-lite.

By security, I mean some of the ports will not install because of a
dependency with firefox-,1

Through liberal applications of portmaster and installation of many of the
individual ports (and getting the stink-eye from my wife for spending an
entire Saturday on this), I managed to get a gnome session launched,
however, the resulting product was unstable.

I haven't tried a full-blown gnome install but I see that that includes
Firefox 2 also in its dependecies

Have any ideas?

- Steve Schmidt
Cary, NC

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