FreeBSD Port: ktorrent-3.1.6_1

Jonathan jonathan at
Mon Feb 16 17:27:07 PST 2009

Chuck Robey wrote:
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> Jonathan wrote:
>> Your problem is not related to the one I and the others have.  Your
>> problem is caused by your upstream being so saturated with data packets
>> that the acknowledge packets for the downloads are being delayed or
>> dropped.  A much more detailed description and more general solution can
>> be found here
> You may be right, I said I didn't understand, but if my upload was supposedly
> satured, it makes less sense to me that it never showed as using more that about
> 10K (5K for the average, really) and my limit (for both upload & download) was
> set to -1 (infinite).  I didn't see why that would cause saturation, although
> the other results (having the download rate go from very limited to a max value)
> do kind of support such an idea.  Why would my setting the rates both to
> infinite cause saturation?
> Or is maybe the upload rate that's being set being only affecting one use of
> upload, but not all uses of upload?  That could be twisted in that direction, I
> guess, choking off the ability to use uploads for acks, because it's all being
> reserved for some other use?  Boy, that surprises me, but it's it's what's
> meant, it could explain things.

If I understand this paragraph correctly, yes, that's exactly what
happens.  If you check the link I sent earlier it has a detailed
explanation with graphs.


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