FreeBSD Port: ktorrent-3.1.6_1

Jonathan jonathan at
Sun Feb 15 06:35:47 PST 2009

Chuck Robey wrote:
> I finally found an odd fix, not sure why it worked this way, but I thought to
> pass it along on the hope that maybe it will work for you as well as it did for
> me.  My max upload is  about 38KBPS, my max download is about 160KBPS.  I'd set
> for to -1, so that the u/d rates would be set to infinite, so that the torrent
> client would intelligently choose the best rate.  But my experience showed that
> my max ACTUAL gross download was only about 25KBPS (remember, I was expecting,
> from the torrent protocol, to get better than 6 times that.)
> Well, finally losing all hope, I decided to set the upload rate down to about
> 20K, so I could use the reserved rate for other entertainments.  IMMEDIATELY
> upon limiting the UPLOAD rate to 20K, the download rate shot up to nearly my
> 160K maximum.  I can't understand this, but I tried to move the upload/download
> rates around a little bit, to verify the finding: that I just should NEVER set
> the rates to infinite, and that (at least in ktorrent) the max download rate
> really was attainable.
> I haven't any idea why this worked for me, only that it did do this, reliably.
> I may go back to trying previous torrent clients now.  What a fine way to spend
> the afternoon!

Your problem is not related to the one I and the others have.  Your
problem is caused by your upstream being so saturated with data packets
that the acknowledge packets for the downloads are being delayed or
dropped.  A much more detailed description and more general solution can
be found here


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