FreeBSD Port: postgresql-server-8.3.6

Joseph Oreste Bruni jbruni at
Thu Feb 12 15:50:21 PST 2009


Please disregard my previous email. I just realized that these  
switches are being passed to "pg_ctl" not to "postgres" directly.


> Hello,
> I'm looking through the RC script used to manage PostgreSQL 8.3 and  
> I'm curious about the defaults used for the postgresql_flags  
> variable. The script sets the default value to "-w -s -m fast". What  
> were these supposed to do?
> Both -w and -m appear to be invalid flags for postgresql 8.3. The -s  
> option is documented as "show statistics after each query".
> The text of the script is as follows:
> postgresql_flags=${postgresql_flags:-"-w -s -m fast"}
> -Joe

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