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This topic came up in IRC, and I was encouraged to go out, and find some new 

At any given time, approximately 20 - 25% of all ports are unmaintained. Not 
all unmaintained ports need updating, but some do. That is where you folks 
come in. 

There are a bunch of you out there who are subscribers to this list (and other 
FreeBSD related lists too, I am sure), you have FreeBSD installed and likely 
have quite an array of ports installed on this system of yours. You are 
subscribed as a means of keeping up with the world of FreeBSD.

But you have been holding back, thinking "I really would like to do something 
to contribute to the success of FreeBSD, but I am not sure what."

How do I know this? I was one, a silent observer on the mailing lists, and in 
on IRC. Then one day, I answered a similar plea,

I have summarised some details on the wiki on Adopting Ports,

The gauntlet has been thrown down, who among you is prepared to pick it up?


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