Is the ruby 1.8.7 update incompatible with 1.8.6?

Stef stef-list at
Thu Feb 12 08:47:09 PST 2009

The PR about updating ruby18 to 1.8.7 says that the update breaks rails.
It was noted "We're not going to update to 1.8.7-p17" and then 3 days
later the commit upgrading to p72 took place.

Is there a part of the discussion I'm missing? Is p72 guaranteed
compatible with 1.8.6? The release website doesn't say anything interesting:

Devs of the systems I maintain are saying that they can't use 1.8.7 due
to incompatibilities with rails and other breakages, and now suddenly
there's no version of 1.8.6 in ports.

I'm not ruby guy myself, but I do try to support it as best I can.
Ruby's irresponsible versioning and breakage of their software makes my
job painful, and I'm slowly developing a grudge against ruby :/

However I've been very thankful for the modicum of sanity that FreeBSD
ports brought to ruby versions. Is that now gone too? Tell me it isn't so.


Stef Walter

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