[starkit] metakit doesn't compile with TCL8.6 + solution to fix it

Sébastien Santoro dereckson at espace-win.org
Sat Feb 7 07:58:49 PST 2009

I confirm the last SVN version compiles fine.

The last stable version published on
http://www.equi4.com/metakit/overview.html is the version,
released the 2007-06-23.

( Speaking of SVN, CHANGES haven't updated since this date. )

TCL 8.6 is in beta stage, with release date planned for March.

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> From: Pat Thoyts <patthoyts at googlemail.com>
> Date: 2009/2/7
> Subject: Re: [starkit] metakit doesn't compile with TCL8.6 + solution to fix  it
> To: Sébastien Santoro <dereckson at espace-win.org>
> This is fixed already in the metakit subversion repository. It is not
> clear where you got your copy of the source from but this is a problem
> for either the FreeBSD port contact to fetch the latest version or
> possibly for the upstream maintainer (jcw) to produce another release
> tarball that includes the fixes currently on the HEAD version. It may
> be that if a metakit release will only be because of 8.6 changes that
> he will wait until 8.6 becomes final before making such a release.
> In case you are unaware, the subversion repository for metakit is
> currently svn://svn.equi4.com/metakit/trunk
> Pat Thoyts

Sébastien Santoro aka Dereckson

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