C integrated RPC system

granica_raydom at rambler.ru granica_raydom at rambler.ru
Sat Feb 7 05:45:53 PST 2009

Hi all!

 I am working on the remote procedure call system integrated into C
language. System called CRPC, it consists of C wrapper compiler
and shared library. Wrapper compiler works with GCC.

 New RPC system helps you develop socket based applications. With the
system you should only declare a function with __remote qualifier and
when it called on the client, the appropriate function will be called on 
the server.
CRPC simplifies development of both client and server side.

 System works with data addressed by pointers. Also system supports
POSIX Threads. With CRPC a function will become threaded if declared
with __threaded qualifier.

 The feature of the system is that, only function prototypes should be
declared with appropriate modificator and then the call of the function
will result in network interconnection, no descriptive languages is 

 Also CRPC needs only C standard library, BSD sockets and POSIX
Threads library. Currently being developed under FreeBSD and distributed
under FreeBSD license.

What do you think about adding CRPC to the ports tree?

For more information and downloads visit project web site - crpc.sf.net

 With best regards, Andrey Babanin.

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