Xorg disaster

Doug Barton dougb at FreeBSD.org
Fri Feb 6 11:35:22 PST 2009

Lars Eighner wrote:
> Xorg upgrade (gory details follow) went south.  I must have a working
> graphics browser by Monday.  This is pretty much *vital*, as in a matter of
> survival.
> What is the fastest and/or surest way to get a platform that will run
> firefox or opera?
> a. try to get my nvidia hardware to work with a generic (vesa or vga)
> driver?
> b. try to downgrade Xorg to something that worked.

c. Use the new Xorg with the included nv driver instead of the nvidia
binary driver.

I usually use the binary driver, but I recently upgraded to the new
Xorg and for a variety of reasons decided to try out the Xorg nv
driver and didn't have any problems.

FWIW, as a general course of action I find it useful to upgrade
_everything_ on the system (base, ports, etc.) first before doing the
nvidia driver, since the compiled parts are sensitive to changes in
the underlying source and headers.

Also, make sure that you have followed the instructions in
/usr/ports/UPDATING, and you might also consider clearing out
/usr/local/lib/compat/pkg if it exists.




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