Xorg disaster

Alex Goncharov alex-goncharov at comcast.net
Thu Feb 5 19:51:52 PST 2009

,--- You/Lars (Thu, 5 Feb 2009 20:20:50 -0600 (CST)) ----*
| Xorg upgrade (gory details follow) went south.  I must have a working
| graphics browser by Monday.  This is pretty much *vital*, as in a matter of
| survival.

Been there (last week) -- know what you mean.

| What is the fastest and/or surest way to get a platform that will run
| firefox or opera?
| a. try to get my nvidia hardware to work with a generic (vesa or vga) driver?
| b. try to downgrade Xorg to something that worked.

I tried "b" -- very successfully.

The path is (roughly):

1. Find the dependencies of xproto and xextproto:

   pkg_info -R xproto-\* xextproto-\* | wc -l

   Prepare to remove those (new) packages from your system.

2. Before you remove them, record their names and origins -- you will
   need them to either get their old versions from ftp.freebsd.org or
   too build from ports source.

3. Remove the packages identified in step 1.

4. FTP-get or build the old versions.

   If you are to build them, you need the old ports tree: use this tag
   in your ports-supfile:

     *default release=cvs tag=. date=2009.

  I would not recommend your own build under the circumstances:
  FTP-getting is much faster, of course -- the whole process will take
  you about two hours, I think.

| Hints on either course would be appreciated.
| What happened: upgraded system from 7.1 prerelease to 7.1 release p2.
| cvsupped the ports tree.  Upgraded Xorg and nvidia-driver (after upgrading
| perl and everything portupgrade -fr perl5.8 will upgrade (as the script
| failed miserably).  This was after 20090124 when the mouse problem was
| supposed to be fixed.

I use the nv driver BTW -- perfectly -- in the old (downgraded to) X.

| What happens:  first there is something undefined in nvidia's libwfb
| so I changed the symbolic link to point to Xorg's version of the lib.
| That message went away, but there are tons of "Generic Event Extension"
| missing messages and no mouse --- what is more the accessibility keypad
| mouse thing doesn't work at all.
| I can't pay my bills and I can't get to another computer to use someone
| else's browser to do it.

Use ncftpget instead of the browser.

Good luck!

-- Alex -- alex-goncharov at comcast.net --

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