trying out xfce 4.6 RC1?

Rene Ladan rene at
Thu Feb 5 14:57:50 PST 2009

Rene Ladan schreef:
> 2009/2/4 Oliver Lehmann <lehmann at>:
>> Rene Ladan wrote:
>>> I get an error when starting up xfce4. I think the problem is that
>>> /usr/local/libexec/xfconfd is not run correctly.
>> what is the errormessage you are getting?
> I get a message box when starting XFCE4:
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> "Unable to load a failsafe session"
> "Unable to determine failsafe session name. Possible causes:
> xfconfd isn't running (D-Bus setup problem); environment
> variable $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS is set incorrectly (must include "/
> usr/local/etc"), or xfce4-session is installed incorrectly."
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> There is only one button on the dialog box, "Exit" (with the leave-door
> icon).
> dbus and hald are running, I did setenv XDG_CONFIG_DIRS /usr/local/etc
> before running startxfce4.  xfce4-session is installed.  There are messages
> that xfconfd exited with signal 11 in /var/log/messages.
After applying a patch to xfconfd from xfce bugzilla everything works fine,
except that the icons in the taskbar are missing (for Terminal, Mousepad, Thunar,
and $browser).


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