installed ports dependency tree?

Michel Talon talon at
Thu Feb 5 14:25:16 PST 2009

Doug Barton wrote:

> Robert Huff wrote:
> > 	Suppose I have installed ports A..Z.  Some of these are
> > standakone; some depend on others on the list; others depend on
> > installed ports not on the list.
> > 	Is there a port that will produce a unified and ordered
> > dependency list, such that upgrading/reinstalling in that order will
> > avoid multiple rebuilds? 
> Not sure what you mean about avoiding multiple rebuilds, unless you're
> talking about generating a list and installing all the ports on that
> list one at a time.

The installed ports form a dependency tree which is hopefully a 
direct acyclic graph (DAG). When there are cycles it is supposed to be a
bug in the system. For a DAG you can always order the elements in such a
way that this total order is compatible with the partial order given by
the DAG. I don't remember if portmaster does that, but i am sure that
portupgrade does it, an so does my pkgupgrade. Using such an order (it
is not unique) one can guarantee that (barring bugs in the ports system)
one can remove packages without breaking other packages or install
without doing multiple rebuilds. 


Michel TALON

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