squeezecenter 7.3.2 no longer starts with latest ports

Mark Knight markk at knigma.org
Thu Feb 5 12:53:20 PST 2009


I just tried to restart /usr/ports/audio/squeezecenter version 7.3.2 
following a reboot and I'm now receiving this error:

>sudo /usr/local/etc/rc.d/squeezecenter start
>Starting squeezecenter.
>Found custom OS support file for unix
>The following CPAN modules were found but cannot work with 
>  Net::DNS (loaded 0.63, need 0.63)
>To fix this problem you have several options:
>1. Install the latest version of the module(s) using CPAN: sudo cpan 
>2. Update the module's package using apt-get, yum, etc.
>3. Run the .tar.gz version of SqueezeCenter which includes all required 
>CPAN modules.

I guess I've updated a few perl related ports in the last couple of days 
since I last rebooted, one of which I presume has cause squeezecenter to 
fail.  My installed ports are current as of last night.  If relevant, my 
system is running 6.4-RELEASE-p1.

Backing p5-Net-DNS down to 0.64 (from 0.65), has not helped but I'm not 
even sure this port uses the ports installed version anyway!

All ideas welcome please!!

Mark A. R. Knight                               finger: markk at knigma.org
Tel: +44 7880 556751                            http://www.knigma.org/

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