installed ports dependency tree?

Doug Barton dougb at
Thu Feb 5 12:36:03 PST 2009

Robert Huff wrote:
> 	Suppose I have installed ports A..Z.  Some of these are
> standakone; some depend on others on the list; others depend on
> installed ports not on the list.
> 	Is there a port that will produce a unified and ordered
> dependency list, such that upgrading/reinstalling in that order will
> avoid multiple rebuilds? 

Not sure what you mean about avoiding multiple rebuilds, unless you're
talking about generating a list and installing all the ports on that
list one at a time.

I think I understand what you're asking for though. In the portmaster
man page there is a process for generating a list of ports that you
have installed on one system for reinstall on another. You can use
that list whether you use portmaster or not, the ports system will
handle the dependencies for you.




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