Boost update status?

Alexander Sack pisymbol at
Thu Feb 5 09:49:50 PST 2009


I have a 7.1-RELEASE box (under a VM) with the boost-1.38_beta2
building happily using the current port infrastructure, i.e. the
current port of boost completely builds out of the box with the only
some minor changes and some added options to the port Makefile (adding
EXPAT, perhaps making ---without-mpi the default option to bjam unless
specified etc. etc.).  I have not tested it yet other than rudimentary
compilation.  There is a testbed boost runs which I rather do but need
to find hardware and cycles.

Any reason why this port has not been updated?  Will it break other
things relying on it?

I do have one question which is why this port did away with the boost
naming conventions for libraries?  i.e. there is a current patch to
remove the default suffix's like "-mt" when building multithreaded.
This prevents building two concurrent versions on a system.



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