installed ports dependency tree?

Randy Pratt bsd-unix at
Mon Feb 2 07:37:43 PST 2009

On Sun, 1 Feb 2009 22:48:37 -0500
Robert Huff <roberthuff at> wrote:

> 	Suppose I have installed ports A..Z.  Some of these are
> standakone; some depend on others on the list; others depend on
> installed ports not on the list.
> 	Is there a port that will produce a unified and ordered
> dependency list, such that upgrading/reinstalling in that order will
> avoid multiple rebuilds?  I though portupgrade could to this, but
> apparently not.

Portupgrade installs several pkg_* tools [1].  The pkg_glob and
pkg_sort tools might be what you're looking for.  Here's an

  pkg_glob [package names] | pkg_sort

This produces a list for update order.  The man pages are quite
helpful for the pkg_* tools.



[1]  Run "pkg_info -L portupgrade-\*" to see the complete packing
     list for portupgrade.

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