Blender 2.48 fails to build

Marcus von Appen mva at
Sun Feb 1 07:12:14 PST 2009

On, Sun Feb 01, 2009, Philipp Ost wrote:

> Hi Marcus,
> graphics/blender fails to build:

> /usr/local//lib/libopenal.a(libopenal_la-x86_cpu_caps_prk.o)(.text+0x4e): 
> In function `_alDetectCPUCaps':
> : undefined reference to `_alDetectx86CPUCaps'
> /usr/local//lib/libopenal.a(libopenal_la-mixaudio16_mmx_prk.o)(.text+0xf24e): 
> In function `MixAudio16_MMX_1':
> : undefined reference to `_alMMXmemcpy'
> gmake[1]: *** 

This looks like your audio/openal library installation is broken and
blender's failing due to some missing symbols within the openal library.

Did you activate some OPTION knobs on installing audio/openal and if so,
which were that? If some were enabled, try to reinstall audio/openal
with all OPTION knobs disabled and then rebuild graphics/blender.

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