How to start KDM since recent xorg Updates?

Raphael Becker rabe at
Sun Feb 1 06:24:56 PST 2009

Hi there,

I've started kdm via /etc/ttys since years:

#ttyv8  "/usr/X11R6/bin/xdm -nodaemon"  xterm   on secure
#ttyv8  "/usr/local/bin/kdm -nodaemon"  xterm   on secure
ttyv8  "/usr/local/bin/kdm-bin -nodaemon"      xterm   on secure

Since the recent xorg-updates I had to rebuild my xorg.conf and 
removed any keyboard and mouse since it is auto-detected by xorg. 
Starting X by "startx" works, keyboard and mouse will be auto-detected.

KDM started by init comes up without any mouse and keyboard attached.
Interestingly the Hotkeys like "Ctrl+F1" still work but the X11
emergency brake Ctrl+Alt+Backspace doesn't. Hitting Num-Lock toggles the
LED. Mouse doesn't move. 

I disabled moused as mouse will be detected by hald. hald is running.

The emergency exit to the console works by hitting Ctrl+F1. Logging in
as root and kill kdm-bin results in a restart of kdm-bin and X11 by
init, as expected. After this kdm has mouse and keyboard support and I
can log in. This works every time (when started via /etc/ttys).

So I guess, kdm+x11 has to be started AFTER hald is running and after a
console is logged in.

I tried without
success (added hald in the REQUIRE-Line) to get it up after hald. This
messes everything up (no escape to console, no getty running etc), I
have to recover via ssh. 

WHAT is the problem here and HOW do YOU startup kdm? Is this a general
problem or just a problem with my setup? 


Raphael Becker          <rabe at>
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