Unhappy Xorg upgrade

James Bailie jimmy at mammothcheese.ca
Sun Feb 1 05:17:14 PST 2009

I agree with all you say.  This sort of thing is the achilles heel of 
ports.  I'd like to see a beta port exist side by side with the old
version, for massive ports like X, KDE, etc, until things stabilize.

Alex Goncharov wrote:

> No -- a patch might (*should*, for this kind of a disruptive change)
> be put together: I'd install it on my systems, I'd try it and report
> problems, I'd revert back -- easily.  This is for many "I"s willing to
> be the testers -- we'd repeat this again as many times as necessary,
> before the commit.

James Bailie <jimmy at mammothcheese.ca>

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