Aleksandar Simic asimic at
Thu Dec 31 16:33:59 UTC 2009

2009/12/31 eculp <eculp at>:
> Quoting Aleksandar Simic <asimic at>:


>> So I've created pkg_debunk:


>> What do you think?
> I just downloaded it and am running it for the third time as I type it.  I
> have been rebuilding the ports that had missing pieces and on the second run
> found others that I might have missed in the first run.  First look, seems
> very useful.  I'll let you know more after it gives me a clean slate and
> then running for a couple of days.
> Thanks for the tool,

I'm glad that you are finding it useful.

Thanks for providing feedback.

>> Please note: I'm not subscribed to the list, so when replying do include
>> me.


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