mplayer from SVN

Doug Barton dougb at
Tue Dec 29 04:19:54 UTC 2009

Peter Jeremy wrote:
> On 2009-Dec-28 18:25:41 +0100, Michal Varga <varga.michal at> wrote:
>> Does anybody know why are we still using 3-year old version?
> The MPlayer Project no longer do "releases".  Instead they only offer
> daily snapshots of their SVN repo.  It appears that the maintainer of
> the MPlayer port has adopted a policy of waiting for an "official"
> release before updating the port.

That's not a realistic perspective at this point. Perhaps the mplayer
maintainer would like to consider releasing the port to someone else
if they are not interested in moving forward with a new version.

> The FreeBSD ports system is designed around distfiles with fixed, known
> content.  This is not compatible with a mplayer-export-snapshot.tar.bz2
> that changes daily.

A) More and more projects are moving to the "no official release"
mode, so we need to move with the times.

B) I don't think "daily" is a reasonable target, but neither is "every
3 years."



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