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Carlos A. M. dos Santos unixmania at
Thu Dec 24 11:36:31 UTC 2009

On Thu, Dec 24, 2009 at 9:04 AM, Sandra Kachelmann
<s.kachelmann at> wrote:
> Today I had the pleasure to install some java port and well it was
> quite frustrating. I still have to download all the distfiles
> manually. Isn't FreeBSD now officially supported by Sun?

No, Sun does not officially support FreeBSD. The official Java port
for FreeBSD is provided by the FreeBSD foundation. Take a look at

and the corresponding ports:


> Is it really
> still necessary to manually fetch the distfiles or is this something
> that could be looked at again?

Yes, if you want to build it from the sources. This limitation is
imposed by the Java license to which FreeBSD must be compliant.

> What if the port would just point to the distfiles and don't actually
> host them on any FreeBSD mirror. Wouldn't that be legal?

The ports already points you to the distfiles but the license terms
require explicit acceptance by the user before downloading the files.

> I mean a link
> some site that provides instruction on how to build an atomic bomb is
> still legal as well, right?

It would depend on the license terms of the atomic bomb. :-)

> If so I could simply upload the distfiles
> to some russian FTP server and nobody but Sun would really care.

You can upload them to some FTP server in *any* country. It would not
be legal, anyway. The FreeBSD project is not whiling to be sued by
Sun. And yes, they *do* care.

> This is so annyoing:
> - Manually fetch
> - Login to some bloated site
> ARGHH!!!

Send your complaints, politely, to Sun. FreeBSD is just another victim
in this case.

My preferred quotation of Robert Louis Stevenson is "You cannot
make an omelette without breaking eggs". Not because I like the
omelettes, but because I like the sound of eggs being broken.

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