Ports marked as IGNORE - (cups-pdf) & (urlview) why - how long?

David Southwell david at vizion2000.net
Tue Dec 22 11:24:05 UTC 2009

> David Southwell wrote:
> > Hi just curious about:
> >
> > - print/cups-pdf (marked as IGNORE)
> >         - textproc/urlview (marked as IGNORE)
> >
> > Anyone know what is happening with these? Get IGNORE with portupgrade -a.
> $ cd /usr/ports/print/cups-pdf
> $ make
> ===>  cups-pdf-2.5.0 is marked as broken: does not install.
> *** Error code 1
> Stop in /usr/local/ports/print/cups-pdf.
> $ portmaster .
> ===>>> Port directory: /usr/ports/print/cups-pdf
> 	===>>> This port is marked BROKEN
> 	===>>> does not install
> 	===>>> If you are sure you can build it, remove the
> 	       BROKEN line in the Makefile and try again.
> hth,
> Doug
> PS, Josh, if this e-mail address still works for you, howdy!  :)
I am wondering what changes have taken place to change this from a functioning 
port to one that justifies it being labelled as broken. It must have compiled 
OK for me as I already have cups-pdf-2.5.0 installed which appears to be the 
same version. I heard some rumour that it was failing on ubuntu but not on 
freebsd. Is there any truth in that? 

Is there any provision to ensure that something which should be marked as 
broken for ubuntu is not, in consequence,automatically marked as broken when 
on freebsd?

dns1# pkg_info |grep cups
cups-base-1.4.2_3   Common UNIX Printing System: Server
cups-client-1.4.2_3 Common UNIX Printing System: Library cups
cups-image-1.4.2_3  Common UNIX Printing System: Library cupsimage
cups-pdf-2.5.0      A virtual printer for CUPS to produce PDF files
cups-pstoraster-8.15.4_4 Postscript interpreter for CUPS printing to non-PS 
cups-samba-6.0_2    The Common UNIX Printing System:  MS Windows client 
cups-smb-backend-1.0_2 A CUPS backend for printing to Windows servers
gnome-cups-manager-0.31_10,1 Admistration tool for cups
gutenprint-cups-5.2.4 GutenPrint Printer Driver
libgnomecups-0.2.3_2,1 Support library for gnome cups admistration
py26-cups-1.9.46    CUPS bindings for Python

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