INDEX build failed for 6.x

Erwin Lansing erwin at
Mon Dec 21 21:47:10 UTC 2009

INDEX build failed with errors:
Generating INDEX-6 - please wait..pkg_info: not found
pkg_info: not found
Warning: Duplicate INDEX entry: pl-koffice-i18n-1.6.3_1

Committers on the hook:
beat delphij edwin fluffy garga hrs miwi osa pav skv ume 

Most recent CVS update was:
U Mk/
U audio/csound/Makefile
U audio/csound/pkg-plist
U audio/smasher/Makefile
U audio/smasher/distinfo
U audio/smasher/pkg-plist
U devel/erlang-thrift/Makefile
U devel/p5-Thrift/Makefile
U devel/p5-Thrift/pkg-plist
U devel/py-thrift/Makefile
U devel/ruby-thrift/Makefile
U devel/thrift/Makefile
U devel/thrift/distinfo
U editors/koffice-kde4-l10n/files/
U misc/zoneinfo/Makefile
U misc/zoneinfo/distinfo
U polish/Makefile
U print/jadetex/Makefile
U print/jadetex/pkg-plist
U print/jadetex/files/
U security/keepassx/files/patch-from-trunk
U www/habari/Makefile
U www/habari/distinfo
U www/habari/pkg-plist
U www/nginx/Makefile
U www/nginx/distinfo
U www/nginx-devel/Makefile
U www/nginx-devel/distinfo
U www/seamonkey2-i18n/Makefile
U www/seamonkey2-i18n/distinfo
U www/xpi-quick-locale-switcher/Makefile
U x11-wm/echinus/Makefile
U x11-wm/echinus/distinfo

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