Attempted upgrade of ghostscript8-8.64_7 -> ghostscript-8.70 failed

David Wolfskill david at
Sun Dec 20 13:18:41 UTC 2009

This was under stable/6; it may be relevant to note that as I have 4
slices configured on my laptop's disk, each of which is bootable
(stable/6, stable/7, stable/8, & head), /usr/ports is actually a symlink
from each of those slices to a file system that is mountable regardless
of which slice is booted.

The fetch eventually ompleted; the build started, but ended thus:

checking for strerror... yes
checking for strrchr... yes
checking for strspn... yes
checking for strstr... yes
configure: creating ./config.status
config.status: creating Makefile
config.status: creating cups/pstopxl
config.status: creating cups/pstoraster
===>  Building for ghostscript8-8.70
/bin/ln -s -f /bkp/ports/print/ghostscript8/work/ghostscript-8.70/epag-3.09/gdevepag.c /bkp/ports/print/ghostscript8/work/ghostscript-8.70/base
/bin/mkdir -p /bkp/ports/print/ghostscript8/work/ghostscript-8.70/obj
/bin/mkdir -p /bkp/ports/print/ghostscript8/work/ghostscript-8.70/bin
/bin/mkdir -p /bkp/ports/print/ghostscript8/work/ghostscript-8.70/freetype/include
/bin/ln -s -f /usr/local/include/ft2build.h  /bkp/ports/print/ghostscript8/work/ghostscript-8.70/freetype/include/ft2build.h
/bin/ln -s -f /usr/local/include/freetype2/freetype  /bkp/ports/print/ghostscript8/work/ghostscript-8.70/freetype/include/freetype
/bin/mkdir -p /bkp/ports/print/ghostscript8/work/ghostscript-8.70/freetype/objs
/bin/ln -s -f /usr/local/lib/  /bkp/ports/print/ghostscript8/work/ghostscript-8.70/freetype/objs/
/bin/mv /bkp/ports/print/ghostscript8/work/ghostscript-8.70/base/write_t[12].[ch]  /bkp/ports/print/ghostscript8/work/ghostscript-8.70/base/wrfont.[ch]  /bkp/ports/print/ghostscript8/work/ghostscript-8.70/psi
mv: rename /bkp/ports/print/ghostscript8/work/ghostscript-8.70/base/write_t[12].[ch] to /bkp/ports/print/ghostscript8/work/ghostscript-8.70/psi/write_t[12].[ch]: No such file or directory
mv: rename /bkp/ports/print/ghostscript8/work/ghostscript-8.70/base/wrfont.[ch] to /bkp/ports/print/ghostscript8/work/ghostscript-8.70/psi/wrfont.[ch]: No such file or directory
*** Error code 1

Stop in /bkp/ports/print/ghostscript8.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /bkp/ports/print/ghostscript8.

===>>> make failed for print/ghostscript8
===>>> Aborting update

===>>> Update for ghostscript8-8.64_7 failed
===>>> Aborting update

As a reality check:

g1-119(6.4-S)[4] ls -lT /bkp/ports/print/ghostscript8/work/ghostscript-8.70/base/write*
ls: No match.

(Though I note that /bkp/ports/print/ghostscript8/work/ghostscript-8.70/base/
does seem to be populated with several other files.)

David H. Wolfskill				david at
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