How to get errors printed

Chuck Robey chuckr at
Sun Dec 20 05:27:37 UTC 2009

I'm having trouble with the devel/kdesdk4 port, in trying to update it from the
4.2.1 to the latest in ports which is 4.3.4.  I'm using portupgrade, but the
port itself uses cmake to build itself.  At first, it gave me no useful output
at all (I hate any make tool that goes out of it's way to hide errors!), but I
found that if you define VERBOSE=1, you can at least get the command line given
to shell to print, so I can now see all the calls to c++.  The trouble is, I
can't see ANY of the error output (VERBOSE apparently doesn't help there).
There's gotta be some way to manipulate cmake to report it's errors.

I CAN say that I *think* the build is breaking immediately after it announces
that it's built kbugbuster, but I can't tell if the build actually dies doing
kbugbuster, or doing whatever it is that comes after bugbuster.

There is one fishy thing I can report: in the previous lines to the cm,ake
report on kbugbuster, there's a command to c++ that seems to be linking
kbugbuster, and it's got one phrase that's odd:


All those colons, it strikes me as fishy.  I see nothing in my environment that
gives any hint, I'm using FreeBSD-current, with gcc-4.2.1.  So, either (if you
can) tell me how I can get cmake to print out the errors in a make run, OR give
me a guess as to what might have caused that wierd phrase in the kbugbuster
linking command.


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