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Sat Dec 19 01:16:39 UTC 2009

--On December 18, 2009 5:10:39 PM -0600 Greg Larkin <glarkin at> 
> Hi Paul,
> "make -V BINMODE" returns "555", so as long as you're OK with those
> permissions, I would say using the ${BINMODE} macro is preferable.
> Otherwise, there's no issue with you using the correct permissions value
> (755, +x, etc.) for your situation.
> If you're having difficulty getting your port committed because you have
> a construct that is used in many other ports, I think you can ask for
> portmgr's opinion.  They will certainly resolve the issue for you.
> IMHO, I don't see any problem with what you're doing.
> If your committer has not responded to you in some number of weeks, you
> can also ask portmgr to reassign the port back to the pool or to another
> willing committer.

My committer asked:

> Why is necessary chmod to 755? Why need it?

I answered:

> Because the install-sh script has incorrect permissions and generates an 
error if you don't set them correctly.

The committer submitted my response to another person who wrote:

> I'm sorry that's the wrong way to fix that, the premission problem come
> from the configure script, run in the same problem a year ago. Check
> games/wormux-devel there is a fix for the same problem maybe you can
> take the same way.

I asked for clarification about a month ago. I looked at the port he 
referred to, but I don't see how it applies to my situation.  So I stated 
that and asked for help.  None has been forthcoming, but I haven't pushed 
it either.  I know everyone is busy.  I certainly am.  And we're all 
volunteers as well.  So, I'm not complaining.  I just want to understand 
what the right way is to solve this particular problem and get the port 

I've cc'd both of them as well as portmgr.  I'll do whatever I'm told to 

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