Doug Barton dougb at
Thu Dec 17 20:54:08 UTC 2009

ajtiM wrote:
> On the lyx page is version 1.6.5 but in FreeBSD ports are still two years old 
> one. Does anyone know if is this port still active, please?
> Thank.

Well, there are two ports, print/lyx which is maintained by
mi at, and print/lyx15 which has no maintainer. There
are also several PRs for lyx, including one to add a lyx16 port:
These PRs are owned by mi@, who I'm guessing is the same as
mi at

In any case, it looks like the field is wide open for you to take
action here ajtiM! Take a look at the PR for lyx16 as a starting
point, then take a look at
to get an idea of how you might update it. Then send the update as a
followup to the lyx16 PR.

Hopefully someone will actually take some action on it at some point
soon. :)



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