ioquake3 support more platforms

Dominic Fandrey kamikaze at
Thu Dec 17 15:48:47 UTC 2009


I'm maintaining games/ioquake3 and games/ioquake3-devel and I'd
like to support more platforms than i386 and amd64.

If anyone would like to support me, please apply the patch from

Remove the ONLY_FOR_ARCHS line in games/ioquake3 and try to build
games/ioquake3 and/or games/ioquake3-devel (the latter is more
useful to send patches upstream).

Send me the entire output.

A committer explained to me that he doesn't want to deal with SVN
snapshot based ports. Is that a common attitude and what should
I do to remedy this?
I'm providing distfiles, the web space for these is provided by a
friend and the patches are all provided within the distfiles so
they don't bloat the port. I've got no idea what else to do about

I deem the devel port is necessary, because the switch from 1.34 to
1.36 was terrible. I'd been trying to port it for more than a month
and just gave up. Half a year later I managed to solve all the
major problems within a day, but all the patches in the original port
had turned useless. This doesn't mean the addressed problems
were gone. It just means they had been moved around into different
files, the code all around changed and so on.


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