net-im/ejabberd 2.0.5 to 2.1.0

Kamigishi Rei spambox at
Thu Dec 17 01:31:44 UTC 2009

On 16.12.2009 15:44, Guy Brand wrote:
> The port builds and installs properly under 7.1-RELEASE/amd64/R13B02
> and 9-CURRENT/amd64/R13B03. pkg_info does not complain at all. That
> said portlint shows a few warnings which certainly need to be fixed.

I've corrected some errors it found, however:

WARN: Makefile: only one MASTER_SITE configured.  Consider adding 
additional mirrors.
WARN: /basejail/usr/ports/net-im/ejabberd2/pkg-deinstall: possible use 
of absolute pathname "/var/run/ejabberd".
WARN: /basejail/usr/ports/net-im/ejabberd2/pkg-deinstall: possible use 
of absolute pathname "/var/spool/ejabberd".

ejabberd doesn't have mirror sites so it's not quite possible to add 
some. I can, though, host the file on my own server if that's allowed.

About absolute pathnames, how should a port refer to /var/spool and 

Kamigishi Rei

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