New version of the fakeroot patch

Baptiste Daroussin baptiste.daroussin at
Wed Dec 16 10:09:43 UTC 2009

> I don't know if this should be a port setting. I think this should be
> a user setting. So, I think WITH_FAKE / WITH_FAKEROOT is a better
> choice. Obviously ports not working with fakeroot would have to define
> something like IGNORE_FAKEROOT, the same kind of variable we have for

I note this and will make the modifications to do that. (next patch
should be next year)

> I'm thinking files could be moved from the fakeroot directory instead
> of copied, that way you could run 'find ${FAKEDIR} ! -type d' and find
> out if you've missed anything.

I have to think about this, but yes that could be the right thing to do.

> On pointyhat, a package will be generated at the end regardless. Also,
> quite a lot of tools do make a package backup before deinstalling, so
> I don't see this as a major issue. If people don't like the I/O
> overhead, we could use pkg_add in slave mode, it will skip the package
> building phase.

I agree with that

> As I mentioned it before, I think it's a very valuable feature to have.
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> Florent Thoumie
> flz at
> FreeBSD Committer

Thanks for your feedback, I'll send a new version of the patch soon.

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