New version of the fakeroot patch

Baptiste Daroussin baptiste.daroussin at
Tue Dec 15 09:33:45 UTC 2009

> Uh -- is it actually possible to create an empty directory when installing
> from
> a pkg tarball?
> I ran into this problem with the phpMyAdmin port, and the only good way I
> found
> to solve it was to add a stub file into any empty directories.  You could
> use a post install script or an mtree file, but that seems like overkill for
> such a
> trivial operation.

Normally for empty directories : you add to the plist:
@exec mkdir -p %D/path/to/empty
@dirrm path/to/empty

USE_FAKE can't solve this, but would prevent from forgetting to do
such things, you also won't have a method for the ports (in the
and a method for the package.

The installation being always done by installing the package, porters
should only take care of the way the package does it : install
scripts, user creation etc.


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