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Mon Dec 14 11:06:06 UTC 2009

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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o ports/141453            [maintainer-update] games/ioquake3
o ports/141450            audio/lmms port - does not build
o ports/141445            update of port www/weave
f ports/141437            [patch] net-mgmt/grepcidr search anywhere in line patc
o ports/141435            ports-mgmt/kports-qt4: update to new version
o ports/141433            audio/aureal-kmod fails to build under RELENG_8
o ports/141431            [maintainer-update] comms/gpredict to latest version
o ports/141412            new port: java/openmq-client
o ports/141411            new port: java/openmq: jms message broker
o ports/141410            [patch] games/vavoom - unbreak build (cmake problem?)
f ports/141409            [PATCH] audio/libmp3splt: update to 0.5.8a
f ports/141408            [PATCH] audio/mp3splt: update to 2.2.7a
f ports/141406            net-p2p/p5-Net-BitTorrent-File fails to parse .torrent
o ports/141395            Fix devel/ptlib compilation for recent FreeBSD version
o ports/141394            Update audio/liboggz to latest (now officially -stable
f ports/141392            [PATCH] Update sysutils/freebsd-snapshot to 20091208.1
f ports/141389            update www/mod_fcgid to 2.3.4
o ports/141384            [Maintainer Update]  lang/gauche  0.8.13 -> 0.9
o ports/141372            [maintainer update] lang/ocamlduce to
o ports/141356            net-mgmt/netams 3.4.3 does not build on FreeBSD 8.0 am
f ports/141341            Cannot install ports/net-im/libmsn
o ports/141234            [PATCH] devel/p5-File-ChangeNotify: update to 0.09
f ports/141230            [UPDATE] x11-wm/matwm2: updated to 0.0.90
o ports/141188            sysutils/freebsd-snapshot does not report all errors
f ports/141187            sysutils/freebsd-snapshot does not check /etc/rc.conf.
f ports/141176            sysutils/conky can't build with --enable-lua-cairo
f ports/141173            New Port: textproc/yali
s ports/141140            [PATCH] www/p5-Mojo: update to 0.999913, take maintain
f ports/141128            net/istgt doesn't work on FreeBSD 8.0 and HEAD
o ports/141114            update databases/slony1 to latest
f ports/141103            net/stone strange behavior on 8.0-RELEASE
f ports/141022            New Port: astro/traveling_salesman
o ports/141006            [patch] devel/ocaml-event: update to 0.6.0
o ports/141005            shells/ksh93 fails on make install
f ports/141001            net/ssltunnel-server/ depends on /sbin/pppd
o ports/140992            [maintainer update] patch converters/libutf-8 for CFLA
o ports/140984            Fix running of audio/exaile when SVG support is absent
o ports/140969            sysutils/bacula-bat: make install fails due to missing
f ports/140925            print/hplip3: patch to improve behaviour of hp-check
f ports/140897            [UPDATE] net/freeradius2 to 2.1.7
f ports/140881            [patch] port security/snortsam update to version 2.68
f ports/140867            net-mgmt/nagios-plugins: check_icmp default packets si
f ports/140829            www/tomcat55 rc.d script is broken and will not stop t
f ports/140811            [patch] sysutils/zfs-snapshot-mgmt: don't barf on top-
o ports/140792            graphics/mesa-demos: Broken build due to missing symbo
o ports/140741            security/gpa fails to find keyserver helpers during co
f ports/140731            emulators/hatari does not build if emulators/rtc is in
f ports/140698            update: databases/xapian-bindings - update to 1.0.16
f ports/140696            net-im/qwit: update to qwit-1.0
f ports/140681            Modify port devel/php5-ice to allow compiling with PHP
s ports/140680            Modify port databases/phpmyadmin to allow building wit
o ports/140641            [NEW PORT] databases/tuning-primer : MySQL performance
f ports/140628            [PATCH] deskutils/plasma-applet-cwp: update 0.2.12 -> 
o ports/140557            ports shells/44bsd-csh ESC file completion and ^D (vie
f ports/140546            The execution result of sysutils/scprotect is inapposi
f ports/140525            [panic] VMware: Kernel panic while upgrading from 7.2 
f ports/140471            security/nessus-libnasl fails to compile
f ports/140470            security/nessus-libraries fails to compile
o ports/140450            shells/scponly: chrooted scp-shell doesn't work
o ports/140445            New Port: net/rsmb Really Small Message Broker
s ports/140413            databases/slony1: Slony1-1.2.16 need upgrade to 1.2.17
o ports/140365            [patch] databases/firebird20-client coredumps
o ports/140348            New port: www/mod_auth_cas Apache 2.0/2.2 compliant mo
f ports/140303            net-mgmt/docsis can not compile filters under amd64 pl
o ports/140232            Resolve conflicts w/ devel/antlr & devel/pccts
o ports/140177            new port : textproc/glpi-plugins-DataInjection : This 
o ports/140176            new port : textproc/glpi-plugins-AdditionalReports : T
o ports/140174            New port: net-mgmt/glpi-plugins-tracker-agent : Agent 
o ports/140168            new port: net-mgmt/glpi-plugins-tracker-server, plugin
o ports/140157            New port: www/trac-bitten Continuous integration for T
o ports/140107            [PATCH] Enhance net/nss_ldap to support FreeBSD login 
f ports/140007            [repocopy] devel/gdb6 to devel/gdb66
f ports/139867            mail/isoqlog catch segmentation fault under AMD64
s ports/139848            add pre-caching to net-mgmt/nagios rc.d script
f ports/139652            [devel/icu] Little patch for compiling with gcc44
o ports/139629            new port security/pam_memcache: a PAM module for authe
f ports/139460            security/snortsam broken on 64 bit platforms
f ports/139452            [patch] krb5 support in java/openjdk6
o ports/139448            [NEW PORT] japanese/asterisk16-sounds: Japanese sound 
o ports/139435            print/cups-smb-backend: Add ability to use difference 
o ports/139341            NEW PORT: devel/aegis-devel
o ports/139297            [maintainer update] devel/lmdbg: update to 0.11.0
o ports/139295            New port: devel/mk-configure -- lightweight, easy to u
f ports/139203            sysutils/freebsd-snapshot more careful patch not depen
f ports/139140            textproc/lucene: fails to install WITH_CONTRIB
f ports/139107            [patch] sysutils/jfbterm: convert to bsdmake
f ports/139075            Please repo copy lang/squeak to lang/squeak-dev
f ports/139064            [PATCH] net/freeradius2: rc.d script should deal with 
f ports/139060            devel/gearmand: Maintainer patch was missing proper li
o ports/139046            mail/postgrey doesn't use local pidfile
f ports/139042            deskutils/blogtk: fails to start as the version in the
o ports/138994            [patch] new port www/neon29
f ports/138990            sysutils/nagios-statd reports /dev full
f ports/138976            [patch] Restrict news/sabnzbdplus to python <= v2.5
f ports/138940            security/p5-SAVI-Perl can work on amd64
o ports/138929            [PATCH] security/heimdal update to 1.2.1
f ports/138925            serial console option for sysutils/memtest86+
o ports/138830            net/linux-nx-client TCP_NODELAY problem
f ports/138823            cannot upgrade ports
o ports/138806            New port: games/avp-demo ("Aliens versus predator" dem
f ports/138795            [patch] - update databases/clip
f ports/138792            [patch] - update security/pgp6
o ports/138786            x11-toolkits/plib unable to connect to network
o ports/138637            New port: graphics/xfractint-devel
o ports/138602            audio/sphinxbase port update
f ports/138483            security/pam_pwdfile port doesn't work post update to 
f ports/138476            [panic] sysutils/fusefs-kmod: Almost regular panic dur
a ports/138445            net/freeradius2 problem with rlm_perl
o ports/138438            graphics/sane-backends not working on FreeBSD-8
f ports/138435            [patch] databases/freetds gnutls linking error
f ports/138402            [patch] www/awffull is not reading configuration file
o ports/138361            x11/libxcb: alleviate dependency on python
o ports/138348            patch to java/openjdk6 so that build works again
o ports/138252            Compile Issue: databases/firebird20-client
f ports/138195            www/wwwcount IPv6 and NFS lock enable
f ports/137957            sysutils/bacula-bat doesn not install some libs
f ports/137945            devel/openocd 0.2.0 fails to find ATMEL SAM-ICE as Seg
s ports/137886            irc/scrollz fails to compile with any SSL (gnutls conf
o ports/137751            [new port] audio/jokosher: Multi-track non-linear audi
f ports/137733            [NEW PORT] sysutils/scribeserver: Aggregating log data
f ports/137728            New port: www/tokyopromenade: a content management sys
o ports/137691            [PATCH] New port for semantik (kdissert II)
f ports/137682            Update port: multimedia/k9copy Updated k9copy to versi
o ports/137623            New port net/skystar2.8
o ports/137620            [NEW PORT] devel/p6-perl6-toys
f ports/137599            New Port: games/armagetron-0.3-beta
f ports/137450            www/squid: ecap support not working after upgrade
o ports/137378            Advisory locks fail with ports/security/cfs on FreeBSD
f ports/137375            net/ekiga doesn't build for want of PWLib: what's that
o ports/137254            New port: net/unssh Fast way to delete entries from Op
o ports/137244            [x11-toolkits/plib] add support for linux-js
f ports/137196            www/woadaptor - mod_webobjects doesn't support ssl
f ports/137043            [patch] multimedia/mplayer: add SSSE3 support
f ports/136984            textproc/xerces-2 port no longer needs gcc_pic patch i
f ports/136819            [PATCH] www/vtiger-customerportal: update to 5.0.4
f ports/136611            security/swatch: leaves zombies behind
f ports/136439            [misc/cmatrix] install console font
f ports/136227            science/Gramps Crashes When Opening a Family File
f ports/135541            [PATCH] math/p5-NetCDF cannot load module with netcdf-
o ports/135508            New port: databases/py-postgresql, Python3.x adapter f
s ports/134485            net-mgmt/trafd doesn't collect traffic
a ports/134414            graphics/mesa-demos does not build on FreeBSD-7.2 i386
f ports/134264            audio/cmus - segmentation fault with ogg files
s ports/134112            [MAINTAINER] net/asterisk16-addons: update to
o ports/133829            Wrong plist generated if nonstandard MANPREFIX and PRE
o ports/133563            security/cfs rc script needs "mntudp" option on 8-CURR
f ports/133047            [maintainer-update] Update graphics/linux-ac3d to 6.4.
f ports/133031            ports/net/igmpproxy "must be at least 2 Vif's where on
o ports/132786            New port: sysutils/sispmctl Utility for controlling a 
o ports/132607            security/denyhosts: command_interpreter warnings in /v
s ports/131218            www/privoxy+ipv6: /etc/rc: WARNING: run_rc_command: ca
o ports/130183            [PATCH] converters/xdeview switch to USE_TCL
o ports/129435            java/jakarta-commons-dbcp not BROKEN on jdk15
o ports/127728            ports/games/freebsd-games doesn't build, and larn(6) s
o ports/127321            japanese/kon2-16dot: buffer overflow and mouse bugs
o ports/127181            audio/musicpd logs warning
s ports/127087            mail/bincimap port does not include an rc.d file
o ports/127017            sysutils/ntfsprogs - ntfsclone not working version 2.0
s ports/125324            editors/the (3.2) looses cursor when compiled with PDC
s ports/124423            multimedia/mplayer detection of OSS Audio is faulty
o ports/123068            sysutils/bubblemon2 bubblemon-dockapp: error extractin
o ports/122801            databases/virtuoso, databases/firebird20-client, datab
o ports/118716            security/heimhal - shared library conflict with heimda
o ports/116571            databases/firebird20-client fails to compile in a jail
o ports/111501            [NEW PORT] databases/ruby-oci8
o amd64/104311            ports/wine should be installable on amd64
o ports/101166            bittorrent-curses only works under English locales.
f ports/100776            devel/mico: Failure to update
o ports/82634             heimdal port conflict with base heimdal

169 problems total.

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