portmaster-with-package-support release candidate available for testing

Alberto Villa villa.alberto at gmail.com
Sat Dec 12 04:55:15 UTC 2009

On Saturday 12 December 2009 03:10:34 Doug Barton wrote:
> Yes, the error message you posted is exactly what's supposed to
> happen. "There is nothing at $PACKAGESITE" is a whole different
> category of problems than "the latest version of the package is not
> available at $PACKAGESITE." In the latter case with --packages-build
> or -P|--packages portmaster will simply build the port for you. If
> there is nothing at $PACKAGESITE at all that's something that requires
> the user's attention.

good... thanks for listening to me! i could have some question/suggestion 
about --packages-build and --delete-build-only in the future, but i need some 
real usage to test it, now...
i'll be back :)

thanks again!
Alberto Villa <villa.alberto at gmail.com>

... and furthermore ... I don't like your trousers.

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