[patch] switch to Emacs 23

Jan Henrik Sylvester me at janh.de
Fri Dec 11 12:26:43 UTC 2009

Boris Samorodov wrote:
> here is a patch to switch to Emacs 23 as a default. There are
> 50 affected ports. Tests were done at tinderbox. Please give
> this patch a try. I'm going to fire up an exp run after some
> testing. The patch is relative to PORTSDIR:

You already know that I have been running emacs23 (with auctex, cedet, 
elib, and jde) for a while with patches that are practically the same, 
but in case you are waiting for more success reports with your current 
patch, I rebuild my *emacs*-ports on two different 8.0-RELEASE machines 
(i386 and amd64), created packages, moved them on to another machine, 
and tried emacs (with auctex) there. Everything seems to be fine.

Thanks for all your effort!

Jan Henrik

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