security/logcheck fails to install

Greg Larkin glarkin at
Thu Dec 10 19:52:33 UTC 2009

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Dan Langille wrote:
> On Thu, December 10, 2009 1:58 pm, Greg Larkin wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> Dan Langille wrote:
>>> On 8.0-PRELEASE, ports tree up to date.
>>> I have altered the Makefile to remove some @ from the do-build section
>>> of
>>> the Makefile.
>>> Any ideas?
>>> /usr/ports/security/logcheck/work/logcheck-1.2.54/etc/logcheck.logfiles
>>> /usr/bin/sed -i.bak -e 's!/etc/logcheck!/usr/local/etc/logcheck!'  -e
>>> 's!/usr/share/doc/logcheck-database/README.logcheck-database.gz!/usr/local/share/doc/logcheck/README.logcheck-database!'
>>>  /usr/ports/security/logcheck/work/logcheck-1.2.54/docs/logcheck.sgml
>>> cd /usr/ports/security/logcheck/work/logcheck-1.2.54/docs && docbook2man
>>> -s  /usr/local/share/docbook2X/xslt/man/docbook.xsl  --sgml
>>> logcheck.sgml
>>> 2> /dev/null  && /bin/mv Logcheck.8 logcheck.8
>>> *** Error code 255
>>> Stop in /usr/ports/security/logcheck.
>>> [root at subie:/usr/ports/security/logcheck] #
>> Hi Dan,
>> There's a tricky situation in the logcheck Makefile regarding which tool
>> it uses to generate its man page.  My guess is that you have
>> textproc/docbook-410 installed on the machine, but not
>> textproc/docbook-to-man.  The easiest fix is:
>> pkg_delete docbook2X\*
>> cd /usr/ports/textproc/docbook-to-man && make install clean
>> cd /usr/ports/security/logcheck && make clean install clean
>> Let me know if that doesn't work for some reason, and I plan to fix this
>> as part of your PR 140981
>> (
>> Thank you,
>> Greg
> Oh, in case it's not clear, the problem was /usr/local/bin/docbook-to-man
> did not exist, and thus the '@cd ${WRKSRC}/docs && docbook2man' had
> problems.
> IMHO: making docbook-to-man a requirement is the solution.

Hi Dan,

docbook-to-man was a requirement a while back, but a lot of people
complained that it was too heavy a package to install just to create a
man page.  Someone recommended that I port the docbook2X tool as a
lighter-weight replacement.  I did that, but we've run into issues where
it conflicts with other docbook-related tools.

It may make sense to simply pre-process the man page and include it in
the files/ directory of the port, since it's the only one.

Thank you,
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